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This is the first 1,000 characters of 490 words (1.96 pages) in the essay titled Hockey


Hockey is one of the most watched and now most played sports in the
world. It is also, one of the most expensive, when it comes to buying equipment.
Hockey players wear lots of equipment. This equipment is a shoulder pad, helmet, shin
guards, hockey pants, a cup, elbow pads, gloves, skates, and use a hockey stick to play
the game. The hockey stick is the most rebought piece of equipment you use. There are
even three different types of hockey sticks. These are wood, graphite, and aluminum.
Wood was the first ever stick used and now is probably the least stick
used. Wood is the cheapest stick you could probably find, when it comes to buying a
hockey stick. You wonít find anything cheaper then a new wooden stick, unless itís on
sale. The wooden stick is the heaviest of all the hockey sticks. It is the only full solid
material stick, with nothing replaceable on it. Meaning the shaft and blade of the stick is
one whole piece. A wooden stick is the one stick that has the be...

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