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Sex In The Bible

This is the first 1,000 characters of 1555 words (6.22 pages) in the essay titled Sex In The Bible

Sex In The Bible

For my book report I chose the topic of sex in the Bible. I thought that it
would be a very interesting topic because in many churches discussion of sex and
sexuality is taboo. I thought that by reading this book I could become more
informed of what the Bible truly says on the subject. I also chose this topic
because I felt that it would be easier reading a book about the bible on a topic
I was interested in. Most subjects pertaining to the Bible are not interesting
to the average teenager, and I felt this book would be fun to read. The name of
the book was Sex in the Bible by Michael R. Cosby. Cosby discusses five parts of
the bible in which sexual relations are discussed. First he discuses the laws
that apply to sex in the Hebrew culture according to the book of Dueteronomy.
Secondly he discuses the wisdom advice of the book of proverbs. Cosby then
discuses the actual act of sex in the book of songs. Next he writes about the
topic of sex and sexuality in the synopti...

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