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Suds Of Stories

This is the first 1,000 characters of 1381 words (5.52 pages) in the essay titled Suds Of Stories

Suds of Stories

     This ad caught my eye the second that I laid my baby blues upon it.  The Miller brewing company poses these statements as questions in order to spark curiosity and interest in the reader's mind.  The ad states/asks "CHOICE HOPS?" Miller knows that they use choice hops in their beer, but does the reader?  This now puts a question in the present beer drinker's mind: "Does my current beer use choice hops?"  And if the reader currently drinks Miller, then he or she has just discovered some knowledge he or she can use at the bar, in order to sound like an experienced and educated beer drinker.  This knowledge can possibly land he or she a date or two.  Just think how women would react to a guy who I knowledgeable about his beer.  Women would think that he is the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Guys would practically have to beat the women off with a stick.  You could be on the cover of the latest GQ.
     Then their ad states, "7 KINDS OF BARLEY?"  Most beer drinkers don...

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