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Governmental System Of The United States

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Governmental System of the United States

The present governmental system of the United States began with a Constitution framework which grew and developed over time to meet the various needs of its citizens. When the young nation was trying to form a government, it was extremely difficult to try and meet the needs of  its people. They decided that they should address and define the powers of Congress, which include several points that set it apart from the executive branch and the judicial branch.  The Congress can levy taxes, including the amount, authorize government spending, print and borrow money. Yet, even though it has all these powers, there is still a system of checks and balances it must go through. All three branches come into play before any laws can be passed, or thrown out. By utilizing this method the people have fair representation concerning most of the laws that will eventually affect each them. A true democracy must have a government that knows how to be responsiv...

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